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Montague - real bikes that fold


About folding bikes


Folding bikes have long since found their way to customers. No wonder. They are practical and significantly expand the possibilities of recreational and urban cycling. Thanks to their lightness and compatibility, enthusiastic owners use them when travelling not only on holiday by train, bus, plane, caravan, car and even ultralight aircraft or helicopter.
Homeowners with difficult bike storage can't get enough of their folding bike - always at hand - folded in the hallway, for example. Active people in retirement especially appreciate the ability to easily load a folding bike into a car without the need to install special racks and lift the bikes onto the roof of the car.
Folding bikes are very useful for many people, but a bit misses the kind of cyclists who would appreciate foldability, but at the same time need a full size bike for their treks i.e. MTB or trekking bike.
The answer to this requirement is Montague folding bikes which are foldable and also have full size wheels of 26", 27.5" and 28" and absolutely standard geometry and frame stiffness as regular bikes.

Montague Paratrooper - classic army model


EUR 1 450,- 1290,- VAT included

Free shipping Europe



Montague Navigator - lightweight trekking folding bike



EUR 1 550,- 1 390,- VAT included

Free shipping Europe



Montague Paratrooper PRO - premium mountain folding bike


EUR 1 650,- 1 480,- VAT included

Free shipping Europe





Also in electric version with Pendix engines
48 V, 250 W, 65 Nm

Price form EUR 2 750,- 2 650,-VAT included 
Free shipping Europe




Handy (not only) for the caravan
92 x 72 x 31 cm when folded




Montague folding bikes - a brief history


The original purpose of these bicycles was for the army, or rather for American paratroopers. Yes, the brief was nothing less than to design a bike that could be folded and unfolded in seconds, had the features of a standard MTB and could be jumped out of an aircraft! The result was the Paratrooper, which is still available today in a camouflage khaki colour. Montague subsequently released the product for the civilian market and added other mountain and trekking models to the Paratrooper for civilian use.



We will be very happy if you take advantage of the special offer and become the owner of these exceptional and on your market yet less known full-size bikes with the possibility of folding.

Thank you.

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